Semantic Versioning

Semantic Versioning, with its English name, is not actually a necessity, but it is a process that will facilitate large projects if implemented.

The goal is to make the versioning process more meaningful. Definitions have been set for this.

You can browse through all of them here. Let's talk briefly.

Basically, a version number is used for the versioning process.



Should only be changed on major major changes. And the changes you make must be changes that affect the previous version. (If we talk on the web side, for example, a complete change of the theme or a radical change in the software infrastructure can be an example)


Compatible with previous version but should be changed in case of minor changes. (On the web side, adding new modules can be an example)


It should be changed in case of minor bugs and edits compatible with previous versions. (Speaking on the web side, minor design changes, bugs and fixes in existing modules can be examples)

Briefly, the definitions explained on the site are as follows:

  • The version number must be in X.Y.Z format. X, Y, and Z must be defined as non-negative integers and must not have a leading zero.
  • When a new version is published, the content of that version should not be changed afterwards. A new change must be defined in the new version.
  • A value of 0 defined in the major version indicates that the software is not yet stable. When it reaches the 1st version, it means that it is ready to go to the production environment and is stable.
  • The patch version should be increased when bug fixes compatible with previous versions are made.
  • Minor version should be increased when there are new modules that will be compatible with the previous version. It can also be increased in deprecated transactions or in the case of a patch. The patch version must be reset when the minor version is increased.
  • The major version should be incremented whenever changes are made that are incompatible with the previous version. Patch and minor version values ​​should be reset when the major version is increased.

Although these are the basics, don't forget to check out for more.


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